Cost for TPSP

*$100 Non-refundable deposit to be paid at time of scheduling event

NOTE: We know time is precious, but it also flies! So as a courtesy of TPSP, when you schedule your event with us you get 45 free minutes BEFORE your event begins to set up/decorate and you get 45 free minutes AFTER your event to clean up and take your decorations down. This time does NOT count for the time allotments priced below. If additional time is needed for set up/decorating, that can be purchased and is listed in the pricing below:

$225: $100 deposit* + $125 for 2 Hour block time
$350: $100 deposit* + $225 for 4 Hour block time

$750: $100 deposit* + $650 for 6 Hour block time 
$950: $100 deposit* + $850 for 8 Hour block time
$125: $50 deposit* + $75 for 2 Hour block time

Need extra time? ​
$25 Per every 30 minutes** 
**Additional time BEFORE paid event must be arranged at time of event scheduling. Additional time AFTER paid event time may not be a guarantee.

Additional Services​
$15 Party Pick-ups (per site)
$30 Ghost Host (set up, take down assistance)

$10 Balloon helium bundles of ten 
$75 Full balloon arch/Off-site $175 
$50 Half balloon garland/Off-site $75

Boho Chic!
Summer fun
Natural Vibe
Baby shower power
Family fun night set-up
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Balloon clusters
Half Arch
Balloon Letters & Numbers