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I consider the city of Owensboro, one of Kentucky’s best kept secrets. Full of cool dining options and chic event spaces. The Party Space Pace or TPSP for short is no exception, but of course I'm a little bias... ok I'm a lot bias! My family and I are proud to be counted as one of Owensboro's unique micro venue spaces, available to those looking to celebrate family milestones but on a smaller scale... thanks Covid! This blog is designed to be an added local aid in making your event stand out. Here you will find local crafters, food vendors, and party do's and don'ts. I know, I know there seems to be a lot of blog options, but none that digs deep into our community. Within this blog you will discover local small businesses dedicated to feeding, scene setting, and highlighting your special day.

The photo to the left is the management team here at TPSP. Me, Allyson Sanders

(the author in the plaid), Tina Forrest (the twin) in the blazer representing dog moms everywhere, and Marshall Sanders (the hubs who I refer to lovingly as Mr. Lift it) is standing tall in the back.

Also, part of our team are my teen daughters who you will meet as this blog progresses and some of my honorary bonus daughters who help out part-time.

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