Bring on the art to win hearts

Trend Alert! Have those hard to shop for folks in your life that you have pretty much bought every gift card for? Have you ever considered signature pieces? There is nothing more personal and authentic than the art we select for our friends and loved ones.

In 2020, we found ourselves stuck in the house days on end relying on our homes to help us express ourselves and remind us of our dreams and goals in life.

Wall art says a lot about us, and can do wonders in conveying our message and setting the desired mood for a space. Anna Ashton, an aspiring artist and friend of mine, reestablished her love for art while making wedding invites. It then transpired into water color art for husband, a bourbon enthusiast who's pretty hard to shop for. Anna found that painting was a win win during quarantine. Painting provided entertainment as well as a great gift option.


Probably one of the coolest things to come out of our TPSP 2020 project partnerships was meeting this talented young lady, Alison Lewis!

Expressive wall art has become one of the most popular ways to decorate our homes. Wall art also makes great gifts for our loved ones who may be hard to shop for. Allison Lewis (art below) has some of the most unique and playful prints as well as some cool statement art to express yourself, or to provide as great gifts for the special people in your life.

Now Allison is brave and talented... maybe you... aren't so much! So for those who are artistically challenged, check out her website at:

My twin sister and business partner took advantage of her talents and scored a great Christmas gift for our little sister - her pups on canvas created by the gifted Allison! Smooth move sister! Way to be the holiday hero with such a unique gift!

Allison Lewis can be found on pretty much all social media platforms and has plenty of creative gift options on her website. Find her on IG @brighteyedesigns for updates on restocks!

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