Make it Memorable-Featuring Shamargaret Temple Owner of Butterfly Graphics

Consider yourself "in the know" - you're welcome! The 2021 party and wedding trend is going big on the details and customizing, but with much smaller guest lists. Whether it's a dinner party, birthday party, baby shower, or even a small scale wedding, going all-out on an epic presentation is the way to go.

Signature looks and party favors dedicated to a theme is easier and more affordable to do now more than ever. We have seen entire families wearing identical shirts to celebrate a milestone birthday to unique table settings that enhance dining experiences with cute cutouts created by hand from a local crafter. Creating memories is where it's at! I'm about to let you in on a secret, the ability to achieve fun and inspiring signature shirts and graphics is closer than you think!

Shamargaret Temple, owner and operator of Butterfly Graphics knows what it means to customize and enhance. Butterfly Graphics can be found on Facebook.

We got the chance to interview the founder of Butterfly Graphics and this is what she wants you to know!

What got you started on Butterfly graphics?

I started Butterfly Graphics as a way to allow my creativity to flourish. It was a way to start doing a job that brought me internal happiness. But most importantly, I was able to connect with people and create products that empowered and bring awareness due social injustice. I wanted to create a brand that focused on positivity and uplifting each other.

Who is your customer base?

My customer ranges from infants to adults.

How does one order from you?

Orders can be placed via social media: Facebook or Instagram messenger.

What has been your best seller?

I can’t breathe was my best seller. Currently, America has been faced with deep rooted social injustices and I was able to create a t-shirt to help raise awareness.

Why should people buy from you?

People should buy from me because I represent a small business where all my products are hand made and of good quality. I have optimum customer service to ensure all my customers are satisfied with their order.

Do you take customized orders?

I am growing and can customize any article of clothing and I have been able to add customized glasses, mugs, and games. I also create etched Decanter sets.

Shamargaret is on trend with the needs of consumers by creating merchandise that's affordable and memorable. Take your next birthday gift or event to the next level with customized items.

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