Parties start at the door

One major win that has come out of this current pandemic is meeting so many local merchants with all of their specialized skills and talents. The Party Space Place is all about taking a smaller space and making a big impact. Making memories is the name of the game and with living through Covid, I'm reminded daily to take nothing for granted. Amanda Faye Howard of Tipton Creations and Rough River Metal Works knows exactly what it means to make a statement. She and her family are skilled at taking your door from boring to inspiring in a matter of a few clicks of your mouse, they do all the work and you reap the glory!

Rough River Metal Works is a small family owned business in the heart of Owensboro, KY. They design custom metal art for your home, business, ect., and they can even attach them to bourbon barrel products. Rough River Metal Works started their business out of their shop at Rough River, where they lived. With the business and their family growing, they decided it was time to move back home with their kids. The savvy family purchased and renovated a building by DCMS and officially opened November 2019. Their store is located at 1304 East 2nd Street!

Check out their Facebook and Instagram pages for personalized ideas! Amanda makes it clear that they have a passion for creating and is often quoted "We would love to create something for you!" I'm certain she means it! There is no excuse for mundane gift giving! Get to scrolling!

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