The Big Trend, Think Small...

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

Ahhhh remember life B. C. (before COVID)? Concerts, live comedy shows, and the grandiose weddings. To me, weddings and receptions have suffered greatly due to the pandemic. Previously, picking the date to ensure it worked for everyone was the challenge. The new challenge is what's the least amount of people I can invite without putting anyone at risk for one of the most amazing moments of my life or hurting anyone's feelings? I've met so many couples who just knew they had the whole wedding thing figured, only to discover they didn't. COVID has made so many things uncertain, but the great thing about Owensboro is locally there are ways to seek out and achieve that grand wedding feel on a smaller scale.

Micro Wedding

Smaller gatherings is the way to go at this time. Offering masks as cute wedding favors and/or holding a Facebook live for out of town guests - Owensboro is full of really cool, quaint areas to host your Micro wedding. Parks, museums, bars, and or micro venue's like ours are ready and willing to open our spaces to assist you. You just have to expand your thinking and think... Small!


Eloping, takes away the stress of picking a day and having to scale back your invite list. The other power of eloping is also saving money! Saving money affords you a couple small dinner receptions with family and friends so they can celebrate your union along with you... just after the fact. Locally, there are some really cool restaurants and caters to take your receptions from drab to fab with just the click of your mouse and a few phone calls. See!? Stress free!

At the end of it all, remember the reason you're getting married in the first place. It's not about the glitz, glam, and hundreds of guest. It's about saying "I do" to "the one". I think what this pandemic has taught many of us is to count our blessings and value what matters in life.


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