The great beverage debate

Recently, I took a poll on Facebook for my own curiosity. When it comes to an event with guests what's best? 2 liter bottles and cups or individual cans or bottles? Now some people were wondering if this is pre or post COVID, because the pandemic has changed our habits for dealing with guest in a major way. Out of a poll of roughly 30 women, 80 percent of them preferred canned drinks whereas roughly 20% would go with 2 liters and cups.

Cost was the biggest factor regarding 2 liters over cans. Despite the majority being for cans, even they couldn't deny that even though 2 liters cost less, there are benefits to canned drinks that are undeniable. It's not enough of a cost difference to bypass the convenience and portability of cans vs large 2 liter bottles. Of course if cost is a factor, there is buying generic brands or not drinking soda all, but why deny ourselves that joy!?

Another great thing about cans is that it could potentially benefit your guests. Be sure to ask around at your party if anyone is recycling or need the cans for Habitat for Humanity reasons, they collect the cans for that wonderful non profit here in Owensboro!


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