Local Sweet Treats - Décor isn't just for looking, it's for taste!

I'm one of those party people who wants to elevate the experience by not only having décor on the walls and on the tables, but also to eat! If you want to provide your guests with lots of sweet treat options, Lyn Pierce of Little Cookie Co. does not disappoint. This lady has mastered the art of cookie design and delivery!

Little Cookie Co. was born as a hobby. A quarantine project to entertain the grandchildren that quickly grew into something much more. The head baker and founder, Lyn Pierce, began her cookie journey in early July 2020, using YouTube videos and Facebook content from other "cookiers" to learn the tricks of the trade. During that time, she shared her cookie design progress on her own social media accounts, receiving lots of encouragement and support from loved ones around the country. Surprised at the response, she continued to refine her skills and accept small orders from friends and family for special events. After several very successful runs (and also being blessed with an unexpected transition in her personal and professional life), she decided it was the perfect opportunity to make this hobby into a brand new career she would truly love. She is now accepting custom orders, as well as offering some pre-order options for local delivery in both the Owensboro and Bowling Green areas.

For more information about Little Cookie Co. look her up on Facebook! Little Cookie Co. or call 270-316-2966

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