Toddler birthdays, am I doing the most?

As we slowly thaw out and stretch out after being locked away in our homes for days on end due to COVID, weather, and remote working - folks are finally feeling ready to be social. Although on a much smaller scale, people are ready to put all their Pinterest pins to use and empty their Amazon carts by holding long overdue parties.

I remember back when I was a kid birthday parties and baby showers were in the home or back yard, today not so much! When it comes to 1st birthdays, we here at TPSP have witnessed the nervous energy of parents thinking they are doing "too much" in the way of their party, but they're determined to do it regardless. From balloon arches to caterers (even ball pits!), we have seen it all from parents and loved ones putting on the most grand production to celebrate their little ones. As party planners, we always get the concerned question of "Is this too much?" The answer is...NO! As long as you can afford it, you know your child is going to love it, and you're hosting it in an event space or restaurant - you're keeping your home safe and sanitary so why not!?

Going big for your little one is not a crime, despite the grumbling of the grandparents and the frustration of waiting on your decorations to come in from Amazon. Our loved ones are special, it's been a hard year, why not do something that you and your family can look forward to? So live I say!

Here's a few pointers to save some cash:

  1. Shorten the guest list - Your infant or toddler will not remember every relative or friend that attends, so why not go with a group of people you can enjoy while your child plays with friends? It will also save you some coin on food and place settings!

  2. Dollar Tree and Pinterest are your friend! To ensure you don't bust the bank, look at cute alternatives to some of the expensive party supplies out there. You will be surprised with what some construction paper and a little patience will do!

  3. Go light on food. One of the biggest event expenses is food. Once again Pinterest is your friend; make your own finger foods. If you're going with a restaurant as your space, ask about specials or group rates.

  4. Relax, it's a party after all! Remember your celebrating a life! As long as you give yourself plenty of time to set up and invite people in your life that bring you joy, this day should be a fun occasion!


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